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Kneeling Chair Benefits

Kneeling chairs have recently become an extremely popular ergonomic solution for those suffering from back pain. Their clever design boasts many benefits that help its users sit for longer periods of time, pain free. Read more to learn about how this ergonomic product can help you eliminate pain, and improve your everyday experience at work.

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Affordable Ergonomics

ergonomic sitting manA beneficial ergonomic solution that actually works will usually come at a hefty price. A simple Google search for “ergonomic chair” will pop up a myriad of fancy products designed for executive level budgets. Furthermore, these seats offer no special benefit over traditional 90 degree chairs. The problem lies in the design, not the fancy features.

With a kneeling stool, you’ll be able to sit with the seat at a declined angle, while your shins rest on a knee pad.  This provides more space for the hips and its muscles, namely the hip flexors. With a traditional seat, over time these muscles start to contract and shorten. Since these muscles are directly connected to the lower back, hence they contribute directly to back pain. A knee stool eliminates this problem, at an affordable price.

The products can be found at prices under $99.  In fact, 4/5 of our top-rated seats fit this price bracket.

Eliminate Back Pain

Many knee stool users find that they can work for extended periods of time without feeling fatigue and pain in their backs. How is this possible?

Because the seats do not contain a high back rest, the upper-body comes into vertical, ergonomic alignment.  You’ll find that this happens automatically.  The body responds to the lack of back rest by entering into the posture that requires the least effort to maintain. Your vertebrae stack on each other and the muscles surrounding the spine do not contribute much effort in keeping you upright.

You’ll be able to sit longer, without feeling ache in your back muscles.

Increased Comfort

Kneeling ergonomic stools are extremely comfortable. A quality stool will often have memory foam padding or a foam of equal or better quality. Your weight becomes distributed between the shins, instead of being 100% supported by the buttocks. This comes as a nice relief to those of us that spend a long time in front of our computers.

Improved Posture

great postureStudies show that 74.5% of our waking hours are spent seated. This is also the time where we exhibit our worst posture. We slouch. We recline. Ergonomics is the last thing on your mind after a long day at work. Because the knee stool forces you into vertical alignment, that 74.5% is spent in perfect posture. You’ll wear this posture with you throughout the day, even when walking and standing.  People will notice you standing taller and more confidently.


These products come with a variety of different features, materials, and designs. Click on the link below to view the top-rated ergonomic seat available on the market today.

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