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6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Everything

Children tend to learn from their parents. If you as a parent are not eating healthy food, then do not expect your child to eat nutritious meals! Healthy diet is important for the overall well-being of the child. It should be promoted from the day the child starts eating food. A well-balanced diet will keep diseases at bay and make the child grow into a healthy and strong person.

kids eating 2

It’s never too late to promote healthy diet for children; however, you will achieve best results when they are young. Nevertheless, you can still start encouraging your growing child by following some simple tips.  Read on to know more about some amazing ideas that you could follow to promote a healthy diet for your child:

1. Involve your child during cooking

If your children are old enough to stand in the kitchen, then make it a point to involve them at least once every day in the selection and preparation of food. When the children are involved in meal preparation, then the chances of them consuming it increases considerably.

2. Be creative

If you have a fussy child, then use your creativity in making the food ‘look’ good. You should make healthy sandwiches in fun shapes and use lots of colorful fruits and vegetables to make the plate attractive.

crocodile made from vegetables

3. Meal time

Make it a point to eat food together with your child as often as possible. By eating together, the child is learning to eat healthy food by making you as a good role model. Meal time is the time to bond with your child and it even teaches the child to eat wholesome food that has plenty of proteins and vitamins.

4. Shop together

Go for grocery shopping with your children and teach them to select healthy choices. Let them select their favorite vegetable or fruit for the day’s meal. Also, teach them how to read food labels so that they buy fresh and healthy food.

kids in grocery store

5. Healthy school environment

Try to inculcate the habit of giving them home-made meals for school. This will ensure that they are having nourishing meals every day. Moreover, if the school offers food to the children, then make sure that they offer healthy recipes.

6. Teach them to select well

It is important to teach kids to select the best food that is good for their health rather than selecting junk food. As a toddler teach them to drink plenty of water and plain milk rather than fizzy drinks, tinned juices, or chocolate milk. Fresh fruit juice is always a better choice than the tinned ones.

A healthy diet will make the child more willing to learn, and less likely to have chronic diseases. Promoting healthy diet in the child is a long process and cannot be achieved in a day. You need to be patient enough to make them learn the advantages of having nutritious meals. Start teaching them when they are toddlers and go slow with them. Within a few months, you will surely notice remarkable changes in their eating habits.


5 Ways to Get Rid of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be quite annoying as it can hinder your daily activities. You will have difficulty in moving the neck, which can even lead to shoulder pain and headache. The common reasons of neck pain are sleeping in an awkward position, stress, muscle strain, injury, sitting on your desk for long, bad posture, etc. Mostly people suffering from neck pain pop a pain killer and resume work. However, pain killers can only provide relief for some time. To get rid of neck pain completely, you can use the below-mentioned home remedies:

1. Massage

You can massage the affected area with olive or mustard oil. Massage it gently for several minutes until the oil gets in the skin. It will increase blood circulation and you will feel relieved and relaxed.


2. Hot water bath

A hot water bath will help in relaxing your muscles. Make sure that you keep your neck under the shower for some time. This will help in reducing the stiffness in the neck.

3. Exercise

You can perform several neck exercises as it can be extremely helpful in treating neck pain. The exercises will help in relieving tension that was caused by strained neck muscles. However, if the pain increases then stop doing the exercise immediately.

You can try out these:

4. Hot and Cold therapy

You can try using cold compresses for your neck by applying ice pack on the affected area. Ice will dull the pain as it will freeze the affected area. If the cold compresses are not showing any effect then you can try the hot therapy. Heat will increase the flow of blood and will thus reduce pain. You can continue with any of the therapy depending on the effect it had for your neck pain.


Acupuncture is advisable for those who have chronic neck pain. It is a great way to relieve pressure inside the muscles and reduce pain.


Other than the aforesaid tips, it is important that you take good care of your neck. Follow these tips for preventing neck pains:

1. Posture

Your posture has a lot to do with the neck pain. So, make sure that you sit on the desk by keeping your back and neck straight.

2. Sleep

If you are sleeping in an awkward position then you will surely get up with a neck pain. Don’t use too many pillows. In fact, it is advisable to use a very thin and soft pillow under your head so that your body remains straight while sleeping.

Cat sleep

3. Meditate

Meditation will provide the much-wanted inner peace in our hectic lifestyle. It will reduce stress, which is a common cause of neck pains.

4. Exercise

Exercise every single day so that your muscles get stretched and your weight remains constant. You can perform any exercise that you enjoy doing like swimming, running, cycling, yoga, etc.

For severe neck pains, you can use a neck brace that will provide support to your neck. However, if the neck pain persists for long then you should consult your doctor immediately.


7 Tips to Keep Your Weight Under Control

There are thousands of weight loss programs available online, but are they really effective? Do these programs ensure that you won’t gain back the lost weight? Sadly, there isn’t any assurance for gaining weight again. So, the next question that arises is how do you keep your weight in control? Read on, to know the 7 most effective lifestyle tips that you should follow for keeping your weight in control:

1. Exercise daily

Make it a routine to exercise every single day. This is very important to keep your body healthy and in shape. You don’t have to join a gym for exercising. Just a 20 minutes exercise at home in the morning will work wonders for your body.

Check these out – only 8 minutes a day:

2. Maintain a diary

Write down your food intake, the amount of time you exercised, the amount of calories you have put in, and everything else that is related to your weight loss plan. Maintain this diary every day as it will keep you motivated to stay on your goal.

3. Do not eat too much

Controlling your cravings is extremely important. Think of the various factors that make you overeat and try to overcome them. Eat wholesome food as it will help you to feel full for a longer duration. Drink plenty of water to deal with your cravings.

4. Eat healthy food

Avoid having processed and ready-to-eat food as it is filled with calories and fats. Instead, eat home-made food that is healthy and fresh. Add a lot of fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet. Keep some healthy snacks ready to have it in-between meals.

Healthy meal

5. Don’t skip meals

You should have at least 3 meals a day, without fail! Skipping breakfast is quite common among individuals as they do not find time to cook in the mornings. However, this will lead to a bad lifestyle as breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Moreover, it is vital to have a healthy breakfast every morning rather than having some quick snack. Make preparations for your breakfast a night earlier so that you can cook it quickly in the morning.

6. Sleep well

Lack of sleep will stimulate your appetite. If you stay awake for long, then you will be attracted to eat more food. Also, you will not feel satisfied with the food and would crave for more. So, it is important to sleep well to give your body the right amount of relaxation.


7. Reduce sugar and refined carbs

Sugar is hidden in foods like bread, tinned soups, pasta sauce, and much more. So, even if we reduce the actual intake of sugar, we are indirectly having a lot of hidden sugar. It is better to opt for low sugar products and avoid having carbonated drinks completely. Also, stay away from food that contains refined carbohydrates like white bread and white rice. Instead, you can have whole grain meals.

These simple yet effective tips will help you in keeping your weight in control. So, try them out and live a healthy lifestyle.



5 Ways to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Hair loss in men and women can be caused due to a variety of factors depending on their age, lifestyle, and more. There are numerous medications available for hair loss; however, most of them have several side effects. So, a better alternative is to use natural remedies that do not have any side effects. The natural remedies are absolutely safe to apply and can be used by any age group. If you prefer using safe techniques for treating hair loss then read on the top 5 treatments that will grow your hair quickly:

1. Oil massage

The most important treatment for your hair is to massage the scalp with hair oil. This will increase blood flow to the hair follicles and strengthen the roots. Any hair oil can be used for a massage; however, ensure that you warm it before applying on the scalp. Warm oil will penetrate better and make your hair healthy.

Moreover, you can even mix various oils like coconut, almond, olive, castor oil, etc. and massage your scalp with it. Do this at least twice in a week and let it stay overnight. Shampoo your hair the next morning without fail as keeping oil for a longer time will make your hair attract lot of dirt.

2. Gooseberry

The Indian Gooseberry or Amla is rich in Vitamin C and can help in the growth of your hair. A single teaspoon of amla pulp with lemon juice can create wonders for your hair. You need to massage the mixture on your scalp and cover it with a shower cap. Leave it overnight and wash it off with a shampoo in the morning.


3. Fuller’s Earth

Multani Mitti or Fuller’s Earth is an amazing remedy for most of the skin and hair problems. Regarding hair fall, you just need to make a think batter of Fuller’s Earth powder and water. Mix it well and apply it on oily hair. Ensure that you apply oil on hair before using this remedy as it will make your hair dry. However, by applying on oily hair it works wonders. You need to keep it on hair for 20 minutes and then shampoo it off. Use it twice in a week and within a month you will notice commendable results.

4. Onion juice

This is the best treatment for hair loss as it improves blood circulation to the follicles, and reduces inflammation. Onion has a lot of antibacterial properties that can help in treating scalp related infections. Grate an onion and remove its juice. Use this juice directly on the scalp. Shampoo it off after 30 minutes. You can use this remedy as often as you shampoo your hair.


5. Aloe Vera

Regular use of Aloe Vera can relieve scalp itching, reduce inflammation and dandruff. It is a great remedy to add lustre to your hair. You can apply the aloe vera gel directly to the scalp. Leave it for an hour and then shampoo your hair. The enzymes available in aloe vera promote hair growth and makes hair clean and shiny.

All these natural remedies will treat the problem of hair loss and make your hair shinny and lustrous.

The most Common Causes of Stomach Pain

Do you suffer from stomach pain right after having your meals? Are you avoiding meals just because your stomach pains? Or, have you learnt to accept the pain as a normal part of life? Whatever is your answer, one thing is for sure that stomach pain after eating meals is not normal at all. It is a symptom of certain health related issue, which needs to be rectified quickly. Mentioned below are 7 common causes of having stomach pain after eating meals:

1. Eating spicy and oily food fast food

Our lifestyle is so hectic that we end up ordering food from the nearby restaurant every second day. The food we get in restaurants may be delicious but they are extremely spicy and oily, which can lead to stomach aches. Having homemade food is the best option as it is healthier and freshly cooked.

2. Overeating

Overeating means putting too much food in the stomach. This leads to indigestion as large amount of food cannot be digested well by the stomach. It is important to limit the food we intake and maintain a nutritious and healthy diet so that we prevent stomach pain.

4. Food poisoning

Food poisoning usually happens when the food we intake is infected or contaminated. As soon as we intake the food, the stomach starts paining and we may have symptoms like diarrhoea and vomiting. Food poisoning can be treated by removing the contaminated food completely out of your system.

5. Stomach Ulcers

If you are facing severe pain right after eating meals then it may be symptoms of stomach ulcer. The causes of ulcer is a bacteria present in the stomach that is creating holes in the lining of the abdomen. Stomach or peptic ulcers can be treated with medications. So, it is better to consult a doctor when you have severe pains.

6. Allergies

Some people have certain food allergies, which leads to pain in the stomach. You can be allergic to a wide range of foods. It can be grains, dairy products, spices, or anything else. To know the exact food that is causing allergy is to maintain a diary. Just note your food patterns and hopefully you will be able to know the exact food that is allergic. You can even try eliminating different foods from your diet; one at a time, so that you know which food is allergic. Avoid having the allergic food completely.

7. Gallstones

The symptoms of gallstones are intense pain, which usually occurs in the right side of your back. The pain is due to a blockage of the gallbladder. Oily food can make the problem worse and you may get severe pain especially after having a meal. Gallstones can be treated by doctors, so consult them immediately.

There are several other causes of getting stomach pain after eating like appendicitis, blockage in intestine, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. It is advisable to consult a doctor so that the problem gets resolved quickly.


10 resones stretching will reduce your pain

Do you know that stretching can reduce stress in your life? And, are you aware that stretching can also decrease body pain? A few minutes of stretching in a day can save you from a lot of diseases. You just need to apply the four directional stretches daily in your busy schedules. These stretches are the back bend, forward bend, side bend, and the twist applying stretches.

If the muscles of your body are tight and stiff, then the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles and joints is reduced. This causes body pains and if not cured on time, would lead to several chronic diseases. So, it is better to cure them right away, and the easiest way to cure body pains is by stretching your muscles and joints.

Most of us spend our time sitting at a desk for the entire day. We hardly take any breaks in between and this makes our body extremely stiff. Moreover, imstretch-2proper posture at the computer table leads to decreased circulation of blood to the arms and legs. By the end of the day, you have severe body pains.

This is a common routine for most of us and the simplest way to keep your body free of pains is by stretching. Just stand up every hour from your desk and stretch your body for a few minutes. This will make the muscles flexible and keep you away from pains.

Moreover, stretching offers innumerable benefits to our body. Listed below are the top 10 benefits of stretching:

  1. Stretching will make your muscles more flexible so that you can work for longer durations without stressing your body.
  2. It will increase the range of movement and reduce the risk of damage to the body.
  3. If your muscles are tight then there are chances of you injuring your body. Stretching will make your muscles supple and prevent injury.
  4. Stretching your body after exercises is very important as it will decrease muscle soreness.
  5. It will enhance the circulation of blood to all muscles and joints. It will even aid in reducing cholesterol in your body.
  6. Your body will be able to move more freely as stretching will develop the mind and body.stretch-1
  7. Co-ordination between your body parts will improve.
  8. The body posture will improve as your muscles won’t be stiff anymore.
  9. It will reduce the lactic acid from the body and make your free of stress and pains.
  10. The physical fitness of your body will improve as you will be capable of participating in physical sports and activities.

In short, stretching will enhance the performance and quality of your life. Without body pains and stress, you will be able to function and perform better in life. So, add few minutes of stretching to your daily routine and stay away from body pains!


13 Vegetables and fruits that can boost your immunity

Your immunity system will defend you against disease-causing micro-organisms. However, sometimes your immunity system fails and you get sick. If you fall sick often then this proves that you need to boost the immunity level in your body. This will be possible by adopting healthy lifestyle. There are several fruits and vegetables that can boost immunity. Try to add them in your daily diet and you will start noticing results in some months. This is an on-going process, so make the below-mentioned fruits and vegetables a part of your life forever:

1. Kiwikiwi

Kiwis are filled with loads of Vitamin E, which is an essential nutrient for the immunity system. It helps in protecting the body from infections. Kiwis also contain lots of Vitamin C.

2. Berries

All kinds of berries; raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are amazing fruits for building your immunity. They are filled with Vitamin C and E.

3. Bananas

Bananas are rich in Vitamin B6 and have a fair amount of fiber. It can help in moderating blood sugar levels, improve digestion, keep blood pressure under control, and much more.

4. Orange and clementinesoranges

Both oranges and clementine are a part of the citrus family, which contains lots of Vitamin C. This vitamin helps in increasing the production of white blood cells that help us in fighting infections.

5. Grapefruit

Loaded with Vitamin C, grapefruit is the best fruit for boosting immunity. They are available in red and pink varieties, and both of them are extremely beneficial for health.

6. Watermelon

Having a cool watermelon on a hot summer day will hydrate your body completely. It is packed with lots of minerals, vitamins, and several other nutrients. It also contains lycopene, which provides several benefits to the health like preventing infection and reducing respiratory inflammation.

7. Garlic

Since many years garlic has been used as a remedy to cure several diseases. Some of the benefits of using garlic are that it prevents cold symptoms, cures high blood pressure, and builds immunity. There are various kinds of garlic available and all of them have numerous benefits.

8. Broccolibrocoli

Also known as the healthiest vegetable, Broccolis are packed with many nutrients. A meal that consists of numerous antioxidants and lots of Vitamin E, C, and A will surely keep you fit for the entire day.

9. Spinach

Loaded with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, iron, and copper, spinach is a leafy vegetable that you should add in your daily diet.

10. Carrots

Carrots will help you to ward off cold and flu. It is the best vegetable for eyesight and should be consumed every day. Try to eat them raw as they will provide better results.

11. Ginger

You can have ginger juice when suffering from bad throat, cold, and flu. Ginger also helps in reducing chronic body pains and has the property to lower the cholesterol level of the person.

12. Red bell peppersred-bell-pepper

Red bell peppers have twice the amount of vitamin C that you will get from citrus fruits. Also, they are a rich source of beta-carotene, which will help you to keep your eyes and skin healthy.

13. Turmeric

Not exactly a vegetable, but well known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, turmeric can also treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Every morning drink a glass of milk which has been boiled with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. You will be able to notice significant results in your body pains. It is even a great remedy for treating fever, cough, and cold; especially in kids.

Eating healthy and nutritious food is the basic step to keep your immunity system strong. Other than this, you need to exercise regularly, quit smoking, sleep well, and maintain your weight.


10 Golden Tips For Better Sleep

Are you unable to sleep in spite of having a hectic day? Is your sleeping routine making you unproductive at work? If yes, then you need to bring some effective changes in your lifestyle. Sleep is a very important function of life; just like, eating moving, etc.

If your body is deprived of sleep, it won’t be able to function well. You will feel lethargic and will not be able to perform properly in your daily tasks. It is extremely important to take care of your health. So, start using the 10 golden tips mentioned-below that will let you have a better sleep at night:

1. Meditate

Regular meditation will make your mind calm and enable you to get better sleep. You just need to start with 3-5 minutes of meditation and then slowly increase its duration.

2. Exercise

Exercising every day will make you stay healthy and prevent your body from joint pains and stiff necks. It can boost your immunity and let you have a good night sleep. However, ensure that you exercise in the day and not before going to bed.

3. Warm bath

A nice warm bath before going to bed will make you relaxed and calm your mind. It is the best way to have a good sleep at night.warm bath

4. Bed and beddings

Your bed mattress should be comfy so that you can sleep well. Also, you should use a soft pillow so that you can sleep comfortably. As per your choice, keep the lighting of the room dim or switch it off completely.

5. Routine

Try to maintain a routine everyday so that you sleep and wake up at the same time. It is always better to sleep early and wake up early.

6. Gadgets

The smartphones, television, iPads, etc. have taken a toll on our health. Most of us are addicted to social media and news feed. We keep checking messages every minute. To have a good sleep, ensure that you keep all gadgets away from your bedroom. This will enable you to sleep well.

sleep with iphone

7. Diet

Make a routine to have your meals at least 3 hours before going to bed. Also, do not have heavy meals at that time as it will be difficult for you to digest and make you feel uncomfortable to sleep.

8. Milk

A glass of warm milk before bed will make you sleep better. Don’t ever sleep on an empty stomach or a full stomach. Avoid having caffeine late in the evening.

9. Napping

If you maintain a fixed time for early sleeping, then you won’t feel the necessity to take a nap in the afternoon. Short naps in the day-time can have an adverse effect on your sleep at night.

10. Time

Set a fixed amount of time for your sleep. Humans should sleep at least for 7-8 hours every day. So, ensure that you sleep for that amount of time. Anything lesser than that will make you feel weak and tired.

A good night’s sleep will let you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. It will make your body relaxed so that you can have a productive day at work. So, use the aforesaid golden tips to sleep well and lead a happy life.


5 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

A poll conducted in 2013 shows that stress is the cause for 40% of adults to lay awake at night. Research has shown that maintaining a high stress lifestyle can negatively impact a person’s overall health, both mentally and physically. So what can the average person do to help reduce the amount of stress they experience while at work?

Deep Breathing Exercises

Growing up, your mother or teacher has probably taught you that when you’re upset, take a deep breath and count to ten to help you calm down. This technique can also be incredibly helpful when dealing with a hectic, stressful work day. However, unlike the technique your mother probably taught you, consider conducting this exercise like this:

  • Inhale for five seconds
  • Hold
  • Exhale, through your nose, for 5 seconds

Reduce Distractions

When you’re concentrating on a project with a quickly-approaching deadline, it is imperative that you stay on task and not get distracted! However, in today’s high-tech world with emails, instant messages, telephone calls and so on, staying focused can be one of the most difficult aspects of our job. Try to reduce or eliminate the amount of distractions that you encounter when you are working on an important assignment. If you really need to, place a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your office door, and tell your secretary to hold your calls until further notice.

Make a To-Do ListList

We make a shopping list when we need to go to the grocery store, so why not make a to-do list for your everyday office schedule? To-do lists are a great way to help reduce the stress that is often associated with having too much to do within a short amount of time, and as you check off each item on the list, you will feel as if you have achieved more at the end of the day – which will help boost your self-confidence.


Aromatherapy is a widely used, and often controversial, technique for reducing stress and other ailments of the mind and body. Research has shown, however, that aromatherapy can help relax the mind during high-stress events. Fragrances such as lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and others have quickly become the go-to fragrances to help reduce stress, anxiety, and even depression.

Buy a Stress Ball

Stress balls, Chinese harmony balls, hand grips, or even a yo-yo can be especially helpful during certain stressful situations while at work. These items help yballou to release built-up stress and frustration in a natural and healthy way, while at the same time improving the strength of the muscles in your hand and fingers.

Work-related stress and anxiety impacts nearly half of the working population. We live in a fast-paced, high-demand society which often leads workers to losing sleep due to the inability to manage their stress properly. Following the tips above, you can begin your journey to proper stress management, and rest peacefully at night.