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The Ultimate Ergonomic Chair Review

For those who don’t like our kneeling chair section for some reason, we decided to create this page as well. To help you choose the ultimate ergonomic chair for your office, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the top office chairs available.

To help make this decision our team* considers several different factors:

  • Ergonomic Aspects
  • Adjustability
  • Comfort Level
  • Customer Feedback
  • Cost


For us, the most important choice is the ergonomic aspect of the chair. Your health is more important than anything else, and your decision should reflect that. How adjustable a chair is directly impacts how much benefit you can receive from the ergonomic aspects of the chair, and these combine to give a sense of comfort.

While it’s fine for us to evaluate a chair and listen to all the special terms a manufacturer uses, we can’t sit on every chair for months on end to see how it holds out. As such it’s important to consider feedback provided from customers to determine if the product delivers on its promises or not. All this, not ignoring how much the chair costs, leads us to the following list of ultimate ergonomic chairs.

The Top 5 Ergonomic Office Chairs 2017

1. Office Factor Executive

Office Factor Executive

The Office Factor Executive is a solidly built office chair that is both stylish and comfortable. From an ergonomic perspective a large, but short, backrest is provided. It is covered in a mesh material for breathability but is supported by a well-structured plastic frame, providing more support than a traditional complete mesh design.

To push up the comfort level a large seat is provided with a molded design, able to support any body shape. The seat is lined with a 55 kg density foam and covered in a bonded leather. To minimize fatigue armrests topped with cushions are set on either side. They are able to fold up though and be stored out of the way.

As expected in such a chair, you are able to adjust the height of the seat via a gas lift spring, and the tilt can be controlled with another lever, allowing you to select any angle for reclining. This chair is well-priced and comfortable, with mostly positive customer feedback. Full Review

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2. BestOffice Mid Back Mesh


It may be the cheapest chair on our list, but that’s often what people are looking for. And for that low, low price, you are provided with a no-frills chair. It is a small chair, so regardless of its price, if you have a larger frame, you may want to look for something else.

If you’re not particularly tall though, then this offering from BestOffice will do its job. Fixed position armrests with a cushion top help fight fatigue, and while the rest of the chair has minimal notable ergonomic aspects, a shell-shaped support is provided in the backrest to prop up the lower back.

The chair is offered in black, white or red, and is height adjustable courtesy of the gas lift spring in its base. The single lever on the side of the chair also controls the tilt of the chair which can be locked in the upright position. It’s low price gives it a solid feedback rating from customers, but though the chair may last several years without hassle, if you’re looking for a real long term chair, you may need to consider an alternative. Full Review


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3. Serta 44186

Serta 44186

Serta is a household name when it comes to mattresses, and that same technology has been applied to provide you with a comfortable seating experience. While we won’t grant the Serta 44186 any points for style, that’s not one of our major decision factors anyway. Although not stylish, it is comfortable.

One of the leading brands from an ergonomics perspective, the Serta 44186’s main feature is it’s special pivoting lumbar support. Consider it a chair inside a chair. Regardless of how you sit in your chair, or how much you move about, the Back in Motion design ensures that you have constant lumbar support.

If that’s not enough the seat and backrest are padded with deep, ergonomically layered body pillows covered in a smooth eco-friendly bonded leather. Plush is an understatement when it comes to this Serta product. That being said, while mostly receiving positive reviews, the special Body in Motion lumbar support design is not for everybody, and some customers found the motion irritating. Full Review

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4. Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller

The American firm Herman Miller is the leading manufacture when it comes to office furniture. Just looking at the Aeron you get a sense for how much thought and care was placed into its design and manufacture. Not only from an ergonomics and comfort perspective, but also in terms of style.

While both the seat and backrest are just plain mesh, the mesh has been pretension into eight different zones to best suit your body. Along with that is extra frames for your lower back, ensuring proper lumbar support.

The levers to control your position on the chair are located right where your hands rest at the base of the chair, meaning there’s no leaning or searching around trying to find the way to get comfortable. Herman Miller also sell the Aeron in 3 different sizes depending on your height and weight. This way you can be confident that the chair will fit you.

This chair is almost double the cost of the next most expensive product on the list. As such it’s hard to recommend, but if you have the money, it is the highest rated chair by customers, and would otherwise be our top choice. It’s further backed by a 10-year warranty. Full Review

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5. Serta 43807

Serta 43807

A slightly more stylish offering from Serta rounds off our reviews today, this time from their 43807 offering. In this chair the Body in Motion technology is swapped out for the Pivoting AIR lumbar design. If you weren’t a fan of the BiM, the Pivoting AIR may be more to your taste, being less unsettling in practice.

Here an overlaid panel on the backrest is able to move with you, while the seat stays in place. Added to this is a number of mesh coverings merging with the bonded leather to provide additional breathability and comfort.

This is another comfortable offering from Serta. Although the lowest rated product on our list, it still manages very positive feedback, with only a few concerns about the product’s build quality. Full Review

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6. Argomax Mesh

Argomax Mesh

The only product on this list that has an included headrest, the Argomax Mesh does a number of things right in terms of ergonomics. Starting at the top, the headrest is able to be adjusted with regards to its height as well as its rotation.

The backrest on the Argomax Mesh has a specialized S-shape curve to its form. This curve helps to better support your back throughout the full length of the backrest, especially by your waist. For added comfort, a lower back support frame is formed into the backrest frame. To help ensure a well-supported resting state, you’re provided with two large armrests, both can be adjusted independently for height and they rotate horizontally.

Standard chair features included are the pneumatic gas lift spring to adjust your height as well as a backrest angle lock function which lets you choose the right amount of tilt for you. The ease of tilt can also be adjusted. Beyond this, the Argomax Mesh receives the second highest feedback from customers, with only one slightly negative response. It may cost about 70% more than the median price of a chair in our list, but it is not an extreme amount to pay, and you are rewarded well for that cost. Full Review

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