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Review: Office Factor Executive


If you’re looking for a combination of comfort and style, the Office Factor Executive office chair fits that bill. Available in both a formal black and off-gray color, it has a number of desirable features at a fair price.


Lacking a headrest, and with a mostly plastic construction, the Office Factor Executive office chair weighs in at 34 pounds. The chair is adjustable in a number of ways, with a design set to support people weighing up to 250 pounds. A fairly standard weight for most office chairs, although some people will certainly require a sturdier chair.

The seat measures about 22 inches across in each direction and has a maximum height adjustability of just under 5 inches. When bottomed out, the chair measures 44 inches in height. The chair is supported by five nylon caster wheels mounted on a large plastic star configuration with chrome covers, offering greater stability.

Product Features

The seat is one of the draw areas of this chair. With a large and comfortable molded seat with a 55 kg density foam cushion, sitting in this beats most other seats. In a warm office, it might become a bit uncomfortable after extended sitting, but for the most part is acceptable.

The large backrest has multiple curves to help support your back in all the places you need it. It is covered with a mesh fabric, which makes it very breathable, while a plastic support frame provides some necessary rigidity, ensuring you feel safe when reclining.

On the topic of reclining, one oB019HHVVBI---2f the Office Factor Executive chair’s most advertised features is its ability to lock in any position while tilting. Most other chairs only offer the ability to lock the chair in an upright position, and sometimes in the most reclined position.


How easy it is to recline can be adjusted with the large knob under the front of the chair, and the locking and unlocking of the chair takes place with the use of a lever on the left-hand side of the chair. When reclining, both the seat and backrest recline together. A handle on the other side of the chair is used to adjust the seat’s height.

Two large armrests are provided for your benefit. They both feature a section of cushion for added comfort and are mounted on the backrest. The mounting allows the armrests to be lifted up and stowed upright, out of the way.


The Office Factor Executive office chair offers a lot in the way of comfort. For those who require exceptional back support we would probably suggest a different product. This chair does well, but is not the best in class in that specific area. If you are particularly tall you may also appreciate a headrest which this chair does not feature.

Besides that aspect, the Office Factor Executive office chair has a great modern design, with stowable armrest, an extremely comfortable seat and a reclining lock mechanism that you won’t find on any other product.

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