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The 8 Worst Jobs for Back Pain

Back pains are becoming quite common nowadays and one of its causes is the person’s occupation. Most of the employees are at a high risk for back injuries. It is not necessary that back pain is caused only by lifting heavy objects; a person sitting on the desk and in front of the computer for several hours can also suffer from back pain. So, rigorous jobs are not the only ones causing back pain. In addition to this, there are several employees who are not aware of the effects of their job on their back. They tend to ignore their minor back pain, which becomes severe within no time.

Listed below are the top 8 risky careers that lead to back pain:

1. Construction workers

Those who work at construction sites have to lift, bend, carry, and pull heavy objects. Most of their movements are repetitive that leads to injuries and back pains. Moreover, those employees who work on scaffolds are at a high risk to get serious spine injuries from falls.

2. Farmers and Gardenersfarmer

Their job mostly consists of bending and stooping, which leads to severe back pains. Their repeated movement can even lead to overuse back injuries.

3. Store Checkout Employees

More than 50% of checkout employees suffer from back pain. Their work requires them to stand for longer duration at the retail store checkout counters. They even have to lift heavy cartons that cause severe back and neck pain.

4. Dentists and Nurses

Over 80% of nurses suffer from acute or chronic back pain as they have to lift, carry, turn, and hold patients repeatedly. On the other hand, dentists need to work in awkward positions and keep bending every time to see a patient, which leads to back pain.

5. Housekeepershouse

These employees have to spend several hours in cleaning the house by bending, scrubbing, picking things up, and carrying objects from one place to another. All this adds up to serious spinal injuries and sprains.

6. Waiters and Cooks

The waiters and cooks working in hotels and restaurants have to spend a lot of time standing and working. Their work involves cleaning dishes, serving food, chopping and cooking for a considerable amount of time. Their hectic work schedules increases strain on their body and causes back pains.

7. Childcare Professionals

Their most important job is to take care of toddlers and for that they need to carry them. Picking up toys and babies for the entire day can cause severe back ailments. Also, they need to sit on small-sized chairs in the classrooms, which can be quite uncomfortable.

8. Auto Mechanicsmechanics

Their job involves lying on their backs or standing under the cars to work with their arms raised for most of the time. This leads to severe strains on the muscles located in their back. Also, they need to carry heavy tools by bending and twisting their body.

If you are working in any of these risky careers, then it’s time for you to take steps to prevent neck and back injuries.

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